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Common House Magazine


Eileen Carter

Brown butcher’s paper accordioned in crooked arms,
a cherished cornucopia.
It is baby’s breath and brilliant crocuses; it is a wailing infant.
It is a shining brass euphonium
“Look at what I am!”
Somewhere above the wrists
is Schrödinger, wondering about
consciousness and multiplicity.

The dog days ended yesterday, but the pavement still
waves with the radiation of summer.
What comes next?
A feline contrapositive
to the lazy yipping of early August,
an exotic stretch,
the shadows of a box.
The crinkle of paper, motes dancing,
everything synchronized.

Eileen Carter (she/her) is a third-year student in the interdisciplinary arts, with minors in communication and French. Her fascination with language extends to German, linguistics, and literary arts. In her spare time, she is a flight instructor.

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